Twitter 4 Biz


 1. Start by replacing your profile picture from an Egg to a picture of yourself (always best) but if not quite ready for that yet then a picture of anything really, pet, flower, car…just anything but the egg as nobody follows an egg!
To change any of your settings click on your picture/avatar  on the top right by the Tweet Box and then choose settings!

2. As a business you want to engage with people but you also want to send them to your website/Blog address so don’t forget to add them, this is found under Settings then Profile

3. A bio is another must have, it need only be a few lines but again its hard to follow someone without knowing even a snippet about them

4. Now start tweeting, it works best if you talk about something you are interested in or perhaps comment on a current news piece, photos work really well as they appear in your timeline. To add a photo to your tweet click the camera sign at the bottom left of the Message box and search for the photo you wish to add, you can add 4 separate photos to the one tweet.  Be cautious about selling your business in every tweet as this is a turnoff and sure to loose followers.  Join in with a conversation …. checkout no.6 for how to do this!

5. This is a IMPORTANT ….start following people everyday (tweet something first)……. how will anyone know you are there unless you follow them and follow at least 200 per day (I cover this in more detail on my TwitterPlan/Twitter Courses)
Just type into the search box something you sell or your service and this will bring up tweeps doing the same – click on that person and start following their followers.

6. How to join in with a conversation – say you have followed someone and see that they have started chatting about something you are interested in or feel you would just like to agree with or perhaps add your two penneth worth, click the reply button under their tweet and start the conversation, their name will appear at the beginning plus others who might be in the conversation eg. “@ArtDecoBiz I agree all cats have slaves or at least mine do”.  As you have used my name when I check my notifications I will see that you are speaking directly to me and can reply.

7. Unable to follow anyone else as you have reached the magic 5000 followed!
Twitter requires that you have more followers than you are following, or at least a nearly level number!
I have said you need to follow peeps but of course they won’t always want to follow back….don’t get to hung up on the “Why” they don’t….you just need to unfollow those not following you back after say a few days.
The easiest way to unfollow people is to use these free apps (no unfollow limit) and (both have a free unfollow limit of 100 per day) just sign in with your twitter account and away you go. Now you could work your way through your Followed list and cull those not following back, but that is very time consuming. There is also the option with these apps to unfollow Inactive accounts, which are those tweeps who started out with good intentions but have then fallen by the wayside, so there would be no harm in unfollowing them.

8. Look back at your own timeline occasionally and ask yourself “would I  follow me”?

9. Run a Competition for your product or service, giving away a free product or session.  “Follow me to be entered into our Competition to win a …. and the lucky winner will be drawn on …..” Run the competiton for a goodly amount of time, say a month.

10. Don’t sign up to the Apps that make New Followers validate who they are, this will keep your number of new followers low as most won’t be bothered, we live in a “one click world” and if it takes more then it wont happen.
If its a dodgy account following you and you don’t follow back then they will quickly unfollow you! 

Need to kick start your Twitter account/Business and don’t have the time, then I can help
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