Twitter marketing for Holiday Cottages AirBnB’s, Hotels

Follow these simple steps to market your Holiday accommodation and easily fill those vacancies…easy!

First you Need a great Bio, add the location and also add in the location field, add the Website address here as well as the specified URL field. As this will also be viewed when peeps are skimming through their followers and deciding whether to follow back

Add an eye catching picture to the header, preferably of the property or something interesting in the area. Make the avatar (smaller) picture of the property or room or similar perhaps the name sign of the property
twitter-youtube-holiday-cottage-2Now Tweet daily, at least 3 times, try to add a picture to all your tweets to give impact and will be more likely to be read and importantly Retweeted. Suggestions

  1. Once about the weather that day with a picture (taken with your smartphone) make sure you have the Twitter App on your phone which will mean you can upload it immediately
    2. RT a local news story (keep its light and fun) or from a local pub, restaurant etc who tweet. Perhaps quote the tweet instead of just Retweeting adding your thoughts to the tweettwitter-youtube-holiday-cottage-33. A Tweet about your holiday rental with a picture of either the property, a room or gardentwitter-youtube-holiday-cottage-4 Give dates that are still available for rent and encourage people to the website with the web address in your Tweet and of course another picture.5. Give ideas about local places to visit and perhaps add a calendar of events to your website.

    6. Use Hashtags sparingly, one is plenty!

    Follow people every day after you have tweeted. To find people to follow put into the search box at the top of the screen the name of a town or village, there are 1000’s of Twitter accounts that have taken the name of Towns and then follow them and their followers. A quick note, check to make sure the original Town account you followed is active and tweeting so that will mean their followers are likely to be recent and active

    Don’t link your Facebook page to your Twitter account as many of the links won’t work and this will certainly put off any prospective followers.

    I also run @UK_Destinations for Holiday rentals/Hotels etc with 11,000 followers,
    I can retweet your holiday destination for £10 per week/ £30 per month


    Good luck but if you would like more help to fill those vacancies I can help

    …contact me